Our company has been located in Kamakura since it was founding in 1956, when we began manufacturing screw components.

I inherited our foundation in manufacturing, and in accordance with the three values (1. Gratitude, 2. Passion, and 3. Creation) of our company creed (“Strive for manufacturing that cultivates passionate, grateful, and productive personnel”) have come to meet the needs of domestic and international customers by providing made-to-order agricultural and forestry machinery, mowing and cutting equipment for gardening, chainsaw engines, and gearbox components.

We primarily specialize in the high-precision cutting and grinding of medium volume produced components, whereby through fully integrated manufacturing processes encompassing the procurement of raw materials to the completion of the finished product, and through close coordination with a wide range of partner factories, we strive to lower costs and provide products of the utmost quality.

Guided by these principals, in this 21st century of global environmental revitalization, going forward it is our intent to contribute not only to our local community but to the international community as well. I pray that we may have your continued patronage and support throughout our endeavors.

Quality Policy

We strive to be the top manufacturer in the region. We provide a high level of customer service and devote our undivided attention to ensuring that our customer’s quality requirements are satisfied.