Established Credibility and Proven Results

At Tokiwa Manufacturing we specialize in high-precision cutting and grinding, and with our skilled workforce and abundant know-how, provide 24-hour fully integrated manufacturing encompassing everything from the procurement of raw materials to the completion of the finished product. Additionally, speedy, close coordination with a wide range of partner companies enables us to produce a wide variety of small quantity products within a short time period.

Each of our employees earnestly endeavors to meet our customer’s expectations.

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Our Manufacturing Processes

  • ■ Steel cutting, grinding, gear cutting, and press working
  • ■ Specialized welding
  • ■ Completion of unit parts and assembly


  • iron(SS・SCM415・SCM435・S45C)
  • stainless(SUS420J2・SUS303)
  • aluminum(A2011/KS21)/brass(HBS)
  • Brass plate(SAE1065・SPHC/E・SPFC440・S35C)
  • Die-casting(・ADC12・AC9B・AC8A)
  • Lost-wax process /Cold・Hot forging/Other